Can you fix my broken heart? When you do..ill choose.

by Tara

Can you fix my broken heart? When you do..I'll choose.

'Bradley, you staying?'
'Nah babe can't, sorry though maybe another day..I have to a job interview'
I smiled.
'You're going to get a job, that's great!' I replied..I looked more exited than him.
He nodded and kissed me on my cheek. Weird.
'Umm..' I murmured.
He waved and got into his car. He took one last glance at me then drove off.

Then the next week my friend invited me to her party. The whole school was going to be there, I would have been a total bore if I never showed up.

'Arianah!, over here!' I spun around to see my friend Leah calling me. This was her party.
I walked over to her.
'Um..Sweetie. You might wanna take a look at what your boyfriend is getting up too' She didn't smile..she didn't laugh. I new it was going to be bad.
She pulled me over to the sofas..and well lets just say my heart sank.

'B..bradley?' I was truly devastated. I couldn't hold back my tears. Leah went to hug me but I pushed her away.

He looked up and me and his eyes widened. 'Ari-'
'Save it' I whispered. The words barley leaving my lips. Everyone was gathering round. The room filled with silence.

'You know what Bradley..your a jerk. I..I loved you..will all my heart. I would have done anything for you. have at least dumped me would have saved me all this heartbreak' I whispered again. I turned around and ran out the door.


There you know why my heart hurts so much. We were together for 3 years. I was pretty sure what me and him had was truly love. My heart broke that night, no one has repaired it. No one tries. I can't try. I wont. My brother went mad that night..

'Arianah?, whats wrong, why you crying!' Mike yelled running over to me and crashing me into a hug.
'I..its nothing'
'Dont you even think about saying its nothing!, why you crying?!' He yelled again.
More tears escaped my eyes. I know what your thinking its pathetic crying over a boy. But is it really when you were engaged with him? That's right he asked me to marry him. And me being my stupid self thought he was being serious, Turned out he had someone else in mind. Ive thrown the ring down the drain..Never did I want to see that again.

'I..its Bradley' I sobbed.
I put my hand over his mouth. 'H..he kissed another girl..'
His eyes went wide but I quickly shook my head. He relaxed and pulled me in a hug.
'Go get some rest..ill see you in the morning'
Before I could protest he slammed my bedroom door shut then a minute later I heard the front door slam.


Life was never the same after that..I never looked at Bradley the same. No one looked at me the same. Well except the boys. But they laid off of the compliments after they saw what Bradley had done to me. I hardly speak anymore and it was 6 months ago.

'Hey sweetie, how you feeling today?' Leah asked walking over to my locker. I slammed it shut.
'Fine..why wouldn't I be?' I asked, putting on a fake smile which took all my strength.
She frowned.
'Why do you lie to me Arianah?..I'm your bestest can, tell me anything you know that'
I nodded and walked to my first class.. the thing is though I hated this class. Bradley was in it.

I walked in. All eyes were on me. This was normal, you learn to ignore it after a while, not if you was me though.

I looked down and walked over to my seat. Bradley was staring directly at me.
10 minutes into the lesson a piece of screwed up paper landed on my desk right in front of me. I frowned and decided I would open it.
-baby, I'm so sorry. It was her she threw herself at me ;)-
I looked at Brad. And he smiled softly at me. I looked away. My heart is slowly I really think becoming friends with Brad will mend it?

-So why didn't you kiss me that night?- I wrote on the back. I passed it to Leah who passed it to someone else, who passed it to another who passed it to Bradley.

-Because I didn't think you were ready know after you father weren't the same. I didn't want to push you again to think we were going to have 'it' :)-

I smiled..for the first time in six months I smiled. I closed my eyes to think this all through.
The pain I feel is unbearable when I think of him. When I look at him my heart sinks as he's always with another girl. When he looks at me I can almost feel my world brightening. Then it turns black as I remember what he's done..

'Remember class, Homework is due when you come back from your holidays, No excuses!' The teacher yelled at us as the rest of the class made their way out the door.
I accidentally dropped all my books which was a result to all my pages falling out.
'Damn!' I muttered as I crouched to pick it all up. A hand reached for the one I was going to pick up. It handed it to me and I looked up..Bradley.

I frowned and quickly shoved them all in my bag. I hurried out the classroom him not far behind.
'Arianah! wait!' He yelled. He followed me into a lane..and I felt myself get pushed up against the wall tightly.

'I told you to wait' He snapped. I don't ever remember him being like this.
'B- get off of me!' I yelled. He smiled and went to lean in closer.
My heart sped up..he's going to kiss me. My head turned to the side before he could.
'I thought you wanted this Arianah?, I thought you loved me'
'Oh I did..just not..anymore' It killed me to say that.. His eyes darkened. and he looked like he was going to murder me or something.

'She said get off' A voice said. Bradley's tongue went to the side of his mouth, looked like he had a gobstopper in his mouth.

'Oh what you going to do Drew?, You going to say I broke the rules?'
Rules? Drew?

'Ha, Maybe Brad, maybe. Like I said. Get off of her' The voice yelled this time.
Bradley smiled at me, he kissed me on the forehead and got off of me. I breathed in relief.

'Do you have to be party crasher?' Bradley snapped. The guy who was obviously named Drew stepped out from the darkness. He was so..gorgeous.. Brown darkish hair. Blue eyes. Perfect skin tone and a perfect body.

'At least I'm not a party pooper' He snapped back.
'Well, when ever I have fun your the one to ruin it!'

'Uhh, you call scaring the chosen one fun?'
Chosen one? what the hell..
'Uh, No I call that hilarious'
'Sometimes I wonder if your not all there, You know in the head' Drew laughed.

'Sometimes I wonder if you got switched at!'
Wait that's Bradley's brother? He never told me he had a brother.
'You have a brother?' I asked. Both of them looked at me.

I looked at Brad..Why would he even keep that from me?..

'..oh' Oh!? Seriously come out with oh!?

'Your not taking her to hell brother..she belongs on earth' Drew smiled. Hell!? Is that like a figure of speech or something? Oh it so better be.

''re safe..for now' Brad whispered into my ear then he vanished..


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