With successful personal time management strategies, fitting in your writing will be a breeze.

Welcome to personal time management! If you don't spend any time on your writing, you won't have any writing to speak of, plain and simple. It's not easy to put time and effort into creative projects when all of the non-creative people in the world seem to have a hold of your freedom.

While this section deals with personal time management, it also deals with personal life management. These articles will help you figure out how to create the time and the desire to work on the projects that you are passionate about.

I don't know how my personal time management dropped off so far after college, but by the time I left the blue and white doors of Chapel Hill, it was almost as if I didn't remember how to schedule my life. But maybe I never knew.

In school and with jobs, someone else writes your schedule for you. You have places to be and things to do. But what happens when you are granted freedom to choose all twenty-four hours of your day?

If you are like I was, you completely break down and get nothing done at all. Now, that's not entirely true, I'm being a bit hard on myself, but I knew I was not living up to my potential. A lot of us aren't.

These articles are tips and tricks I've learned over the years to get yourself back on track and to keep you spending your time wisely.

Have you ever felt like you are holding back from what you really want to do? Read this article about self-sabotage to get an idea of what the reason might be.

We spend a whole lot of time worrying about whether or not we will be successful. But do we have a legitimate definition of success? Take a look at the article, "How to be Successful."

Here is a January 2012 update on my progress recently in personal time management and success.

If you are never able to concentrate on anything beyond the present moment, here are my thoughts on thinking based on the work of Earl Nightingale.

Sometimes it is truly hard to make personal time management a priority. Here is a great concept to help you not only put your life in order but to make great improvements, taught by Dr. Stephen Covey.

About 3 years ago, I had my introduction to the field of personal time management and personal development. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon an article by Steve Pavlina about the 30 Days of Success Plan. Using this method helped me bring a whole world of change to my life. It has my highest recommendation.

A creative person has to make money too. Some of us do this with a nine to five type job and some do it with a part time job. The select few have figured out a way to do it 24 hours a day without having to be at a specific place at a specific time. Now that's some personal time management and money management! Read my commentary on Steve Pavlina's "10 Reasons to Never Get a Job" to see how the smallest percent might be able to live the dream.

There is a lot of negativity in the world right now. It's not just the financial crisis, for it's an epidemic of pessimism that has become the norm with most people, especially the creative ones. There is a great value that can be found in being optimistic that few of us realize. If you try it on for size for a month or two, you may find doors opening up for you all over the place. Even when things suck.

Many of us spend our whole lives trying to accumulate as many financial assets as possible. But what about Mental Assets? Sometimes your ability to be creative trumps your bank account. If stress is your biggest liability, read this article to learn how to deal with stress. If stress and the noise of the world have strained your ability to generate creativity, try some profound silence on for size.

When we have a great idea, sometimes we feel the need to spend all of our time working on it. This can lead to the alienation of our loved ones or at the very least, the neglecting of our chores. Until you have your big break, you must remember that geniuses are people too, and getting organized needs to be a major priority in your life. If you spend too much time getting organized and not enough time making progress on your ideas, learn a little more about stumbling ahead. If you find yourself working from home, these tips can help you to stay productive.

To move on in your personal development path, you need to have the faith that someone out there can help you. Change your trust no one mentality if you want to believe that you can make your life better. A renewed sense of creativity will follow.

If you are worried about may different aspects of your life at once, just try focusing on one by reading this article about your life and interdependence.

Success can have an impact, which I refer to in this article as your success footprint. Read more to find out how to be successful AND to feel good about yourself.

If you always feel like you’re moving at an Olympic pace, try slowing down from time to time for success.

Time isn't just money, it's happiness! Learn what I'm talking about by reading The Average of Joy. If you have had a tough life, learn more about hanging tough from Eleanor Roosevelt and her amazing achievements. Even if you are faced with difficult health problems, it's best to remember the the life and accomplishments of Steve Jobs to motivate yourself.

If you are looking at a birthday or some New Year's resolutions, take a gander at this page on evaluating your life. If you want to learn how I went about balancing my interests, click the link!

Take a look at this article on how to recover from procrastination if you find yourself wasting too much time. If you want to achieve your goals, check out this article about personal goal setting. If you aren't using your time effectively to do work, learn more about how to work smarter. If you have just become your own boss, read this article on how to positively be your own boss, to avoid the mistakes of bosses past. If you're the boss of other people, here's an important article on dealing with conflict.

If you are looking to be more productive, here are 5 ways to increase productivity. Here are 5 ways to increase self-esteem. If you think that your relationships are eating into your productivity time, try turning the idea on its head by cultivating relationship success to gain career success. Here are 5 simple steps to improve your relationship.

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