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Welcome to the guest posts page, where you can check out plenty of topics related to creative writing ideas and motivation written by bloggers and authors from all over the Web and world.

Why do some authors do better than others? Find out the answer in the post by author Mary Martinez. If you're interested in learning how to go from 100 rejections to #1 check out this blog post from Deep Rough author Chris Blewitt. Do you want to tap that inner alchemist? Learn more about historical fiction with author Darik Brooks. Is is possible to still be a writer and a mom or dad? In this article, author Anne Holly teaches you about writing and parenting from her first-person experience.

One of the most difficult parts of writing a book is the start of it all. Find out more about crafting your opening with author Kathleen Valentine. Tired of thinking that everything is awesome? So is Romi Moondi. Find out more about the Book of Awful and writing what you love. When your brain feels stuck, writing can be a pain in the neck. One of my favorite titled posts is called brain constipation and it's written by author Jennifer Rainey, enjoy!

Read more about the scary, but real-life issue of alzheimer's and dementia in this post by author Craig Hansen. Getting past self doubt is no easy matter, but reading posts like this one on self doubt by Mike Dennis is bound to help! One way to build creative writing ideas is by creating collages, which is explained thoroughly by author MJ Fredrick. George Everyman is quite the character and you can learn more about him in this guest post, If It Looks Like a Writer.

I've always had trouble keeping my characters from sounding the same. If you want to get in the business of making characters unique, check out the post from Andrew Biss. Blend Fact and Fiction in your writing with this post from Steve Richer. Learn more about starting a freelance writing career from writer Tom McSherry. Learn how to stimulate your writing with a little help from author Shyxter Tagapulot.

If you're interested in learning more about writing the college admission essay check out the post by Meghan Ivarsson. Check out these essay writing resolutions for the new year written by Peter from UKEssays. Learn more about prompting creativity via this essay by Bill Lester. Lester is also interested in creative writing tools that can be used in the classroom or the home. If you want to learn to draw in your reader, check out this article on essay hooks by Steve Aedy.

For information on being a supply teacher make sure to check out the article by CJ. Want to learn more about writing poetry? Check out these poetry writing tips by John Francis.

Learn more about term paper writing traps in this article by Steve Davids. Want to edit your own writing? Sandra Miller will tell you how in her guest post. Learn to increase creativity with a guest post from author Mike McGuire.

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