Feeling tired or just plain bad? These health fitness articles can help you take your life back.

Why on earth would there be a health fitness section on a writing website?

I've seen plenty of fat, unhealthy best-selling authors, so why would you need to be healthy to write?

Let me answer the second question first.

Are you a best-selling author? If not, I'm sure there are a lot of reasons you might cite. Your reasons may be like the fact that no publishers have seen you for the genius that you are or that you are almost but not yet finished that great work that's sitting on your laptop.

Or are your reasons more like the following:

  • I can't concentrate long enough to get my writing done.
  • When I get home from work, I'm just too beat to work on something creative.
  • My Saturdays are usually spent catching up on sleep, not on writing.
  • I don't feel good a lot of the time and I need a clear head to write.
  • I'm a giant fatso.

Ok, so the last reason has nothing to do with writing, but these other situations and ones like them are not permanent. These problems can be taken care of by living a healthier lifestyle.

And now back to the first question. I want to share with you the correlations between changes in health and writing ability. You will be surprised to find them more related than you think.

If you need to down three or four lattes to get through your day, read my thoughts on caffeine.

A diet can truly affect your routine and the way that you think. I have written about the raw food diet and how it has effected my lifestyle.

Personally, I want to live and be writing until the day I die. I hope that day is much, much later as opposed to sooner. To help with that, I recommend a heavy dose of self discipline.

Sometimes it's difficult to reach your fitness goals even if you workout all the time. One suggestion: running with bricks. If you aren't happy with your writing output it's possible to improve dramatically with a few key lifestyle changes.

Losing weight can improve your circulation which can indirectly boost your creativity.

I recently wrote a new piece on how I was faring without caffeine after four years. Check out my article titled giving up caffeine. Learn a little bit more about how the healthiest writer can also be the most successful. Here is a little info on coming to terms with the fact that you may be a balding writer.

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