Bryan Cohen May 2011 Blog Tour Dates

The last few months have been a whirlwind of writing and publishing and I’m ready to do some promotion. Until recently, I’d never heard of a blog tour and now, thanks to some extremely accommodating and awesome bloggers, I’m doing one. A blog tour is a series of guest posts to promote a book or a series of books. I’m treating this blog tour as an opportunity to tell people more about myself, my books and Build Creative Writing Ideas. Also, I’m using the tour to make myself feel like a rock star by listing all my tour dates below. Feel free to follow along and enter into my blog tour giveaway for a chance at 100 personalized writing prompts and some $50 Amazon gift cards

Note: The gift cards are contingent on my book sales, as I’m adding one $50 gift card for each of my books that make it to the Amazon Top 500 in sales at any point in the month. Since I have six books for sale up there, this means there are up to six $50 cards in play!

(links will become active when the posts are up!)
May 1:
May 2:
My Life on the Mid-List
May 3:
Leilani Loves Books
May 4:
True Book Addict
May 5:
Donna’s Blog Home
May 6:
Books and Things
May 7:
Curling Up by the Fire
May 8:
May 9:
Lost for Words
May 10:
Book Noise
May 11:
Spellbound By Books
May 12:
Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf
May 13:
Candace’s Book Blog
May 14:
Tina’s Book Reviews
May 15:
2 Read or Not 2 Read
May 16:
Minding Spot
May 17:
The Bookish Type
May 18:
Kaitlyn in Bookland
May 19:
e-Volving Books
May 20:
Writing is a Blessing
May 21:
Insatiable Readers
May 22:
About Books Blog
May 23:
Buried in Books
May 24:
Luxury Reading
May 25:
Books, Books, The Magical Fruit and VVB 32 Reads
May 26:
Indie Author How To
May 27:
The Book Butterfly
May 28:
What Book Is That
May 29:
My Neurotic Book Affair
May 30:
Lisa Is a Book Worm
May 31:
She Known as Jess
June 1:
The Wormhole
June 2:
Tifferz Book Review

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