Increase Productivity with 5 Simple Steps

You want to increase productivity so that you make more progress on your goals. Here are five ways in which you can do it immediately and simply.

1. Wake Up Earlier

If you literally give yourself more time in the day that isn't taken up by work or leisure, you will become more productive. Early risers tend to get more done than others because they get a little bit more completed every single day. You may not love the idea, but let's say you get up five minutes earlier every day for three years. That's 5,000 plus minutes (83 plus hours) that you could have put toward your most important goals. Sacrifice the snooze and wake up.

2. Eat Better

Increasing your amount of energy is one of the most effective ways to increase productivity. The best way to have more energy outside of exercise is to eat more natural and healthy foods. You think quick is the most important in the morning when you're low on time? I disagree. I think the meal that will keep you going through the end of the day is much more important. Try supplementing your diet with health natural substances as well such as apple cider vinegar and virgin coconut oil for an added natural boost.

3. Stop Complaining, Blaming and Whining

Positivity is another key to increase productivity in your life. I bet that if you test out cutting all the complaining, blaming and whining out of your life for an entire week, you will feel a major boost of productivity. These three activities add so much negativity to your life that you literally slow yourself down with all of the mud you're dragging yourself through. Cut out the negativity in these three areas and you will begin to notice a major uptick in how much you get done each day.

4. Focus

You need to remove as many distractions from your life as possible. Unsubscribe from all those e-mail newsletters you don't read, block time wasting games from your Internet browser using a productivity tool and turn off your phone when you really need to put the pedal to the mettle. Unsurprisingly, you'll see a ridiculous amount of improvement as a result of your efforts.

5. Do What You Love

Learning how to increase productivity doesn't matter all that much unless you do things that you love with your time. If you aren't excited about your life, it's hard to work diligently. Add more things that you care about to your to-do list and watch your productivity soar!

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