Career and Relationship Success

Is relationship success possible if you are attempting to start or continue a successful career? Can you put a ton of time into your work, sacrificing time at home and still have a positive and healthy relationship with your partner? If your career is first on your priority list will love and partnership always fall much farther down the totem pole? Here's the funny thing about these questions. In many cases, putting your focus on a more successful relationship can actually benefit your career.

There are plenty of success stories about men and women who have reached the peak of their careers through hard work and long hours. The typical belief is that all that work will lead to a lack of attention to the person you care about the most. In reality, if you make sure that relationship success is a major priority for you, your career can be majorly boosted. Look at Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who had some early missteps in his relationship with Eleanor. By ceasing his affairs and working harder on the relationship, he was rewarded with Eleanor's major campaigning for the women vote in his governor and presidential victories. Sam Walton's wife Helen was the one who refused to let him place his Walmart stores in towns with more than 10,000 people. This move allowed the company to grow slowly but surely into one of the biggest retailers in the world.

Relationship success is the result of many factors. It's about spending quality time with your partner, not just watching television or doing the dishes together, but truly attempting to connect through empathic listening. You should involve your partner in the work that you're doing and ask your partner questions about the next step you should take on a certain project. Personally for me, my book selling business took off when I began going to my girlfriend when I was stuck on an idea. Unsurprisingly, both in my business and in the reduction of my debt, she was the one who kept me on the right track. One of the most important steps of being creative is to have time during which you feel relaxed. Why not become relaxed by spending enjoyable time with your partner? This allows you to recharge and to work on building the strongest relationship you can.

If you're feeling like you aren't being productive on a creative project, be productive in strengthening your relationship by planning an evening out or putting together a surprise for your special someone. Instead of taking things out on your partner, utilize your partner by expressing your difficulties before they become too bottled up. This allows you to let off steam gradually instead of in a heated burst.

I'm no guru on love and I've made a lot of mistakes in the past. But one of the best love-related decisions I've ever made is to make relationship success a major priority in my life. Try it for yourself and watch the other pieces of your life begin to fall into place.

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