Free Character Writing Prompts #31: 
Monsters, Demons and Strange Creatures

Grr Argh! Have a scare with these 10 character writing prompts about monsters, demons and strange creatures! One of the best parts of action and science fiction shows from my youth like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Xena: Warrior Princess" and "The X-Files" was the monsters that would show up as villains from episode to episode. Of course, there were always occasional monsters as good guys in some of these and other shows. Creating these creatures can give you a chance to really use your imagination to make monsters that illustrate a certain theme or that simply scare the pants off your readers. While there are only 10 to choose from here, feel free to change an aspect or two to create hundreds of different funky beasts.

Free Character Writing Prompts #30: Monsters, Demons and Strange Creatures

1. On an archaeological dig, a kindly professor was cut by a shard of pottery and was immediately infected with a demon spirit that had lived in the broken jar for millennia. The transformation was slow and steady as he transitioned from anger, to violence and finally a destructive rage. The demon who had taken him over still looked human but was resistant to attack and had the strength of many men. After reading through his notes, only his wife knew what to do. A rival demon of the spirit was summoned in an effort to fight and kill her husband. The two met on the streets of New York City. What happens to the archaeologist and would his soul be salvageable after the battle?

2. He was a demon alright, but he had no interest in harming humans. After all, they were his best customers at the night club he ran in the rough part of town. Some demons would attempt to pay with currency from other dimensions and figuring out the exchange rate was a hassle, he said. He'd run the club for about fifty years and hadn't aged a day, thanks to his race being extremely long-living. He loved the social aspect of meeting the strange and unusual people who wandered in, especially those who had traveled from far off dimensions just to get the experience of his little watering hole. How did get to Earth himself and has he ever had to settle any interdimensional conflicts?

3. She looked like she belonged in a dirty magazine or at least a Sears catalogue. Her human features, of course, were extremely deceptive since she was a demon who took the souls of the men and women she came into contact with. She worked hand in hand with the devil to get these humans to take part in sinful activities so that she had a rightful claim to their immortal essence. She wasn't a big fan of being tied down to a job though and so she began doing freelance. She worked as a bounty hunter of the evil and used her feminine wiles to lure them in before sending them to her handler. Does this beautiful creature enjoy her work and what does she do for fun?

4. Her and her family had lived safe for millennia on Earth with little trouble as they resided in one of the far off undiscovered parts of the world. When her son was discovered by an explorer and captured, she went completely off the deep end, declaring war on humanity. It didn't hurt her chances that she could swell to the height and width of about 40 feet in either direction. After weeks of terrorizing the oceans, the explorers realized what they had done, but nobody was willing to listen to their plan of appeasing the beast. They wanted to go nuclear. What will happen to the mother and will she be able to listen to a last second rogue diplomacy push by the explorers?

5. He was one of the scariest looking creatures to ever come to being and his teachers assumed he'd be their best pupil at giving humans nightmares for their entire lives. They were completely surprised then when he went into Monster-Human Relations instead. He didn't want to scare or harm humans in any way, he just wanted them to get along like he and his parents never could. He loved talking with humans before erasing their memories of course, and he knew that there was a way that the two species could live in harmony. He led a band of M-H Relations students who determined to take monsters public. Will he be successful in his quest and what in his relationship with his parents caused him to be a pacifist?

6. Deep below the surface of the ocean, this beast survived on eating the most bottom of the bottom feeders along the ocean floor. When pollution corrupted his once populous food source, he had to move to a more plentiful source of protein and carbohydrates: humans. It turned out, he had much more of a taste for man and woman than he'd ever had for strange looking crabs and fish. He was very quiet about his meals as he didn't need to eat that often to survive. This way he wouldn't cause suspicion. The humans in the area figured him out though and went hunting for him. What will happen to this new human dining enthusiast?

7. In a world where many breeds of monsters had been revealed to the public over 30 years ago, she was the first monster presidential candidate. She had humanoid features, which gave her an advantage over slimier, more monstrous creatures. Years before, she'd won a seat in Congress on a platform of rights for all types and orientations of monsters and humans. Now this brilliant and Harvard-educated beast was moving up in the polls and had a real shot at getting into office. She hoped like hell that her rivals would not pull any muckraking about her parents, who were ravenous, human-killing beasts whom she'd kept secret for years. Will she be successful in her campaign and what qualities does she have that would make her a successful president?

8. During the day, she appeared as a normal human with an average desk job and a loving husband. When she slept at night, she became a grotesque black demon who was tasked with destroying the evil of the world. Hidden cameras in the house had revealed this truth and it took many months of research to determine what exactly was happening. It turned out her grandmother had a similar power and this hereditary ability was meant to balance out the forces of evil and good in the world. As evil began to grow, she started to change earlier and earlier in the night. She soon had to quit her job, for fear that her transformations would ruin her future job opportunities. How does her personality change during her metamorphosis and will she able to balance the two sides of herself?

9. He became infected after an encounter with a meteorite that had crashed to the Earth. As a comic-book geek, he understood that he was changing and sought help to determine why he could now alter time and space. A master of the occult told him that not only would his power grow, but his desires to use the ability for personal gain would increase as well. The geek hoped the master was wrong, but in a short period of time, he began altering the very fabric of humanity to bring himself to prominence. He knew that there was only one way to stop himself before he was completely lost. He had to stop himself from discovering the meteorite, but the infection was very resistant to the idea. Will he be successful and what are some of the things he's done to alter the fabric of reality?

10. During a séance attempting to bring back a deceased loved one for a final goodbye, she was accidentally summoned instead. It's not every day you attempt to contact a teenage girl and get the first and most powerful demon in her stead. The issue for the demon was that she came back in the form of the teenage girl and was mostly devoid of her power. She pretended to be the resurrected girl until she could figure out how to unlock her true evil. Until then, she'd have to take calculus and pretend not to be repulsed by human boys. She learned that her full powers would return after taking the lives of 30 people. Let the games begin, she thought. Will this demon be successful at coming back to power or will her peers be able to stop her? 

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