Free Character Writing Prompts #69: 
Outdoorsy People

These character writing prompts are at their best when they have the wind blowing through their hair and the sun shining on their tan cheeks. These are the kind of people who tell you to stop and smell the roses, while actually meaning it! You may not be a big outdoorsy type yourself, but there are plenty of people as you read this that are hiking up a trail, climbing a mountain, boating in the middle of a lake waiting for fish and loving every minute of it. Nature has some amazing moments of spectacle and there is a certain type of person that is dying to take it all in as often as possible. This could take the form of a wide-eyed college student trekking along the Appalachian Trail or an elderly hunter on the trail of a wild turkey. When you have a protagonist go out for a nature-related activity, it's always great to include a few of these folks for comedic relief or serious introspection. 

Free Character Writing Prompts #69: Outdoorsy People

1. After growing up in the city among the smog and the smorgasbord of people, he knew that the blessed life was truly one spent in the wilderness. He absolutely loved hearing his voice echo against the rocks he climbed or the trees he sat under. He didn't dislike people per say and he did spend time with his friends out under the visible stars far away from the city lights, but there was something he really enjoyed about being alone out there. There was no better feeling for him then when he had a chance to interact with nature in solitude. What are the three things he enjoys the most about the outdoors and why?

2. He always felt the need to make the decision. He wasn't just a runner, he was a trail runner. He didn't pound his feet against the pavement of the city streets. His idea of running was a combination of bounding over branches, rocks and small animals while trying not to get stuck in the mud. At the end of these runs that were fraught with obstacles, he would usually be covered in dirt and grass stains. He absolutely loved the looks people would give him afterwards. He felt like some kind of wild man who had been transported to another era. What are some of the things that have happened to him during these wild trail scampers?

3. She was mocked by some of the other parents when she volunteered to be the troop leader for the local cub scouts. It made perfect sense to her, since her sons were both involved in the organization and the last few male leaders had been absolute duds. In addition to that, camping was one of her favorite things to do and to get an excuse to do it multiple times a year made her overjoyed. She knew that her kids were a bit embarrassed to have their mom running things, so she made every effort to make the camping trips as masculine and memorable as possible. Did she succeed in her task and how did these trips compare with camping trips she took when she was younger?

4. Some people jogged, other people boxed. She hiked. She was defined by her hiking shoes, her canteen and her pack. As soon as a work week would end, she could be found on the closest trail and she wouldn't be back until Monday early in the morning. She grew up in the boring suburbs and hated how flat everything was. During a class trip to a state park, she found her calling and she immediately moved to the remote northwest and never looked back. She even took up a side job as a trail leader so that she could teach kids about the value of hiking. She was in incredible shape and men who even had a hint of an outdoorsy bias might label her a perfect ten. What are some of the things she thinks about when she's out alone in the middle of nowhere?

5. While he loved being outdoors, some of his friends wish he'd stay inside and put some clothes on. The thing that made his friends cringe was the fact that whenever he went outside in the woods, he wanted to take his clothes off. He wouldn't call himself a nudist, per say, but he certainly enjoyed acting like one when they all went camping. He'd made some efforts to join a nudist colony in the past, but he didn't want to leave his job to stay there full time. As a result, he subjected his friends to complete embarrassment, especially when they were just trying to blow off some steam at the end of a hard month. What was it about taking off his clothes in the woods that made him so happy?

6. He was a hunter but not for the reasons you might think. While it seemed to him that many hunters simply liked the sport of it and enjoyed spilling blood, he was there in an effort to restore the balance of things. There was a major deer overpopulation problem in the forest and it was affecting the plant life in the area. He was holed up in his family cabin during the season so that he could take the issue back down to neutral. He gave the deer meat he attained to a local food bank and he did everything he could to be humane in his attempt to rebalance the local environment. What kinds of things go through his head after he shoots a deer?

7. She knew that most of her friends didn't get it, but that didn't stop her from trying to get them to see the beauty of the aviary. She had loved watching birds every since her parents took her to a nature preserve when she was a little girl. She was amazed at the many different songs the birds would sing and how different they looked from species to species. She realized there wasn't a lot of money in the profession of birds and she had a regular 9 to 5 job during the week. During a lot of her free time though, she studied about birds and applied her knowledge when she could get out of the city. What are some of the things she says in an effort to get her friends to enjoy birds as much as her?

8. She was absolutely tired of seeing her kids waste another day in front of the video game and computer screens. She took them out of school for a week and embarked on a journey to hike part of the Appalachian Trail. She knew that neither her nor her kids were in the best shape in the world, but she couldn't stand how complacent and overweight they were becoming. She hoped that as the three of them hiked, they would all learn to value nature more and make it a part of their lives. Her parents had loved taking them on outdoor excursions and she hoped she could pass that love of wide open spaces to her kids. Will she be successful in her quest during the week long expedition?

9. There was nothing he enjoyed more than a boat trip down the river. Well, he did enjoy it a bit more when there were wild, difficult to navigate rapids throughout the journey. He also liked it more when he had a ton of friends afraid for their lives as he pushed them through the bumpy ride. He loved the exhilaration and the fear of his weekend journeys down one of the most dangerous water routes in the country. He had to work his way up over the years to be certified but now that he was licensed to travel down such a wild ride, he took that path as often as possible. What caused him to become such a water thrill seeker and what was one of his most challenging river moments?

10. Most of her friends thought she was crazy when she said she wanted to swim the English Channel. First of all, while she did love swimming in oceans and lakes, she wasn't even British! Second of all, there are people who have died during the attempt because it is an incredible feat of endurance. Lastly, she needed to be in top shape, which she was far from at the time of her declaration. She waved off all of the criticism and worry about her attempt to prove something, to become one with nature in a way few people have been able to achieve. She trained hard and she even rented a house on the beach so that she could swim in the ocean more often. She loved the feel of the water against her body as if the world was accepting her as one of its own. Will she be successful when the day of her attempt arrives? 

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