Free Character Writing Prompts #23: Pets

Woof! Take these 10 character writing prompts about pets for a little walk. They can be both lovable and the objects of our ire. Pets can be found nuzzling our laps or eating our favorite luxury items. They can be typical and domesticated like a dog or a cat or they can be exotic like fish or snakes from other continents. Books like Marley and Me have shown that a story centered around a pet can be both hilarious and heartwarming at the same time. If you put the effort into creating memorable pets, you are sure to find readers that relate to these occasionally frustrating animals. 

Free Character Writing Prompts #23: Pets

1. He was the smartest dog in the world, until you brought other people into the equation. He was willing and able to do every trick in the book, even the advanced ones, behind closed doors. When his owners friends and neighbors came over, he would panic. He'd do the wrong tricks for the wrong commands and he'd get so excited to show off what he knew that he would frequently knock into tables and chairs, causing occasional damage. Oh well, at least he's well-behaved. Why do people get him so riled up and what would he have to do to get over his fear?

2. This Casanova of a feline was happy that his owners never got him spayed. Extremely happy. He would prowl around the neighborhood at all hours, looking for both love and trouble. Little did his free-spirited owners know that he'd been the father of several litters. He also occasionally came home with scratches from getting into fights with alley cats. How does this tough fur-ball assert his dominance around the house and what would happen if his owners has second thoughts about his sexual proclivity?

3. There was nothing she loved to do more than fly around the house, but she knew her best chance for food was back in the cage; what a conundrum! This colorful creature could frequently be seen staring out the window, sometimes catching the glance of a fellow feathered friend. She would chirp loudly at her outdoor compatriot, but she had no idea it was soundproof glass. She was happy to be pampered with all the bird toys she could stand, but would sign a sad song from time to time for her true lack of freedom. What do you think she is trying to say to her outdoor friends and what would happen if she ever escaped?

4. She was a really pissed off turtle. Even though she'd been bred in captivity, deep down she knew there was a bigger world out there for her then this tiny rectangular box. Whenever she had the chance, she would bit at her owners as ferociously as she would attack the bugs in her food. She rarely came out of her shell when people were looking at her, much to the dismay of her owners. Her only joy in the world was when her owners would let her walk around on the carpet, so she could stretch her legs, and poop on the floor. If this angry turtle could be any other house pet, what would she be and why?

5. He was one of the longest, strongest, scariest creatures in the world, the boa constrictor. He could easily wrap himself around a human's neck and choke the life out of him. Except, he never had much animosity toward humans because they'd always treated and trained him well. Then again, he wasn't just any pet, he was a trained constrictor who would slither around the shoulders of talk show hosts and celebrities. Though they had no reason to fear him anyway, he seemed especially cuddly as his face seemed to be perpetually curved in the shape of a smile. When did he decide to be so friendly to humans and has he ever crossed the line during his training sessions?

6. When he was born, he knew that he was meant for greatness and he'd have to show it quickly or he'd be food for the bigger fish. He came up with a plan he based on a video he saw from inside the tank. He waited until humans were right in front of his family's tank before he went at top speed to the surface of the water and leapt into the air before diving back into the water. It took only two customers before he was purchased. He came up with more tricks once in his new home and even became an online viral sensation. How did this daredevil fish do such amazing stuff and how is he adjusting to his new home.

7. While she had a feeling that she wasn't going anywhere while she did it, it just plain felt good to run on that wheel. It was something about the wind going through her fur that exhilarated her. She knew that her owners would laugh at her when she started going full speed but there was nothing in the world that made her feel better. Afterwards, she would always down nearly half her water bottle and her owners would marvel at her thirst. She tired herself out so much from the run, she usually went right to sleep. What is it about her running that gives her such an emotional boost and what would she do if her roommate was on the wheel for too long?

8. She was well-behaved and loving almost to a fault. This canine assumed that any time was snuggle time no matter what you were doing. This was perfect when you were in a bad mood or you needed a little love, but when you were eating, sleeping and engaged in other activities, it was difficult to navigate with a fuzz ball in your lap. You tried to wean her off of such intense needs for affection but she was simply too loving. One time, she even stopped a major fight between you and your spouse and singlehandedly saved you from saying something stupid. Maybe all of you can learn that love is all you need. What are some other situations she has diffused with her desire to cuddle?

9. He was smelly, filthy and his owners loved him to pieces. The neighbors thought it was strange for someone to have a pet pig, but when they saw how cute he was and how happy he looked, all their reservations melted away. The pig waggled his butt and his tail as he walked and proudly strutted down the street every time he passed by a human or dog. He loved digging through the mud and getting absolutely coated before his owners washed him off and brought him inside. They were even able to teach him a trick or two, though he was more concerned with eating, slopping and strutting. How do you think this pig would fare on a regular farm and why?

10. She was an adventurous cat and at all times of day or night she vowed to explore every last nook and cranny of your house. Whenever you got up for a midnight snack, you would see her peering at you from strange places like the top of your fridge or on a door ledge over 10 feet off the ground. She avoids being picked up at all costs, though she will let you pet her if you actually catch her. Getting her to the vet is always a hassle, since she seems to have sixth sense about those sorts of things. You and your family love her, you just wish she was a little less sneaky. What is this incognito cat thinking as she slinks about the house? 

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Written by Bryan Cohen

Bryan Cohen is the author of more than 30 books, many of which focus on creative writing and blasting through that pesky writer's block. His books have sold more than 20,000 copies. You can find him on and Facebook.
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