Free Character Writing Prompts #12: 
Unrequited Love

Don't sigh too hard over these 10 character writing prompts on the subject of unrequited love. Another type of love that tends to fit into a good story is unrequited love, which involves one character pining over another. This isn't the kind of affection that is ever returned, though it may come close. There are always too many obstacles in the way that will keep the characters apart. I've heard and experienced many personal and touching stories about unrequited love and if written correctly, including these characters in a story can work to great dramatic and comedic effect. 

Free Character Writing Prompts #12: Unrequited Love

1. He was beautiful like a painting or something. His dashing good looks, his popularity at school and his athleticism made all the girls line up as if they were taking numbers. You were so far back in line that you gave up sophomore year, but you still wrote poems and songs about him. A friend of yours stole one of the songs and gave it to him without telling you. He came up to you in the hall, thanked you and kissed you on the cheek. This cemented his legendary status in your life and you n ever forgot how kind he was when he easily could have embarrassed you. He always waved to you in the hallway after that. What ended up happening to the ultimate high school crush of your dreams?

2. You figured that since you were a nerd and he was a nerd that you'd be a match made in heaven. Sure, he was skinny and weird and he wore classes, but he was so smart. You thought that if he picked you it would somehow validate how intellectual you were as well. He went with you to a school dance once and went out with you in a group but no matter how many hints you dropped, he either couldn't pick upon them or he wouldn't. You later heard that he became extremely religious and got married in a very hardcore ceremony. You weren't invited. What do you think made him truly happy and why did he choose a more religious life?

3. She was quiet and incredibly artistic. You used to marvel at her work in a class you simply took for a humanities credit. You made the effort to talk to her after each session had ended and while she was police, she rarely had anything to say in response. She wore long, flowing dresses and always had one braided strand of hair that she tucked behind her ear when she got nervous. You finally built up enough courage to ask her out by the end of the semester and she simply said, "No thank you." And that was the last you ever saw of her. Why was she such a quiet person and what ended up happening to her in the future?

4. You were young and you didn't understand much about flirting. You were helping her to study for a math test and in the middle of the library she started to rub her leg up against yours. She was a cute, but not beautiful lover of the environment who had a delightfully nasal laugh. During a break in the studying she looked deep into your eyes and said, "You have really pretty eyes." A week later, you were at her apartment to help set up for a party and she showed you her bedroom. You two sat on the bed and it felt like something was about to happen. Before it could, her friend walked in and ended the potential fun. That night, she met her steady boyfriend for the next three years. You're not sure what would have happened with this frisky, flirty girl if you had been the one she chose, but you've certainly thought about it. What has happened with the girl in the future and what would it be like if you met her again?

5. You couldn't help but stare at him during work, after all, when you glanced to the side of your computer, there he was. You two had both been hired on the same week and as a result you'd talked a lot during training breaks. You found out that he was single and lived in the same area as you. Whenever you tried to get a drink with him after work, he was often busy at his second job. He was pretty smart and he took good care of himself. He was even kind enough to bring food into the office for everyone to feast upon from time to time. He had such a bright smile and you hoped to get him along sometime so that he could smile at you. One day, without warning, he quit at a moment's notice and didn't say goodbye. Where did he end up and what would have happened if you two had gotten together?

6. You loved the way he pulled up to your apartment building in his motorcycle and you wished you could run your hands through his greasy hair. He looked like he could handle himself in a fight, though one look into his deep, blue eyes might stop the fight before it began. He lived just a few doors down from you and you visited him as often as you could find a reason to. You even once borrowed a cup of sugar from him. You never knew if he was in a relationship, but his apartment seemed to be a little too well-kept for a single guy. When he moved to a new city for a job, you gave him a big hug and wished him well. If only you'd been able to make such a convenient romance into a reality. What do you think this mysterious motorcycle man is up to today and why?

7. She was the only person who could make your coffee just the way you liked it. She was one of the barista shift supervisors at your favorite coffee joint and she ran a firm but friendly shift. She seemed to brighten up particularly when you approached the counter and the two of you developed a flirty rapport. She was the kind of person who laughed with her entire body and she seemed to remember everything you told her from week to week. On several occasions, she even sat down next to you during her break. When she pulled off her hat, she revealed long-flowing beautiful hair. She transferred to a new store and you always wished you had the courage to ask her out. What caused her to work at a coffee shop in the first place and what is she like when she's off the clock?

8. She was your dream woman and you couldn't stop thinking about her. Oh, and she was also your boss! While your co-workers didn't get the attractions, you thought they were blind to not see how such a powerful, intense woman who was the opposite of girly was a total knockout. You loved visiting her office for quarterly critiques and staring directly into her hazel eyes. You even once shared a dance with her at a company Christmas party. Even though her hands were bigger than yours, it was magical when they locked. You still work for her and you hope that some day the two of you can happily engage in an office romance.

9. When your best friend's son came back from college for the summer, you couldn't help but notice what a man he'd become. You immediately snatched him up for a summer job maintaining your home. He was quick-witted and was growing a full beard which looked red against his strawberry blond hair. You and your ex-husband recently divorced and you would love to show a young man the ropes while you mourned for your marriage. Despite your best efforts using tricks like having him rub lotion on your back and sharing a bottle of wine, he didn't seem to understand your intentions. You hoped that next summer he would take the hint. Describe a day of him working at your home and what he must have thought as you practically threw yourself at him.

10. You didn't care that she was a movie star and that you had little to no chance. You had her posters all over your wall and you didn't just want to marry her, you knew you were going to marry her. As soon as you could put together a sentence, your parents helped you send her a letter. You were surprised to actually receive a handwritten response. Her handwriting was incredibly neat and was written with a green pen, causing you to go out and get a green pen to respond to her. You imagined yourself replacing her scene partners in movies and kissing her all over. In your twenties, you traveled to Los Angeles and actually heard her speak live at an awards ceremony. She had soured on Hollywood at that point and she came off as a mean and angry person who was much different from the person you'd seen on film. You almost wish you hadn't met her, preserving your vision of who she was for all of time. What are some of her on-screen qualities that attracted you to her in the first place? 

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