Free Character Writing
Prompts #15:

Here are some howlingly good character writing prompts about werewolves. Werewolves are difficult characters to work with because of how they're frequently portrayed. In most stories, when the full moon comes out and they completely change over, they have absolutely no control of who they attack and when. In those instances, the most interesting part of the character is who they are when they're in human form. Other stories like the movie Teen Wolf, give the werewolf a degree of control, adding in human traits and humor. Twilight doesn't do a half bad job in this department either, giving werewolves a bit of control, though there is a bit too much brooding for my tastes. It's fine to have a werewolf that is beyond control in a story, but to make a fully three-dimensional character it's good to bend the clichéd rules every so often. 

Free Character Writing Prompts #15: Werewolves

1. On a routine walk home from the library, one of the strangest and most nerdy kids in the class was attacked by a werewolf. He'd seen enough movies to know that he'd have to be careful when a full moon came around and he purchased all the necessary locks and chains to keep himself in captivity. That's about when the bottom dropped out on his small amount of popularity and the insults began to rain in. Other students made fun of the new way he smelled, which could hardly be covered up by any amount of antiperspirant. They laughed at his new beard, which he'd grown tired of shaving. When they drenched his clothes in the toilet following gym class, he decided not to lock himself up at night just to see what happened. When he was left to his own werewolf devices, what ended up happening to his detractors?

2. As a professional weightlifter in the early 1990s, he'd taken every performance enhancing substance he could lay his hands on before they were banned. He'd experienced the side effects and he'd heard the studies but he wanted nothing more than to be on the top. He heard about a strange herb in the middle of Europe that would increase his strength beyond measure and he travelled there on a whim. Upon taking the herb, he felt strange, powerful and angry. He quickly grew hair all over his body and found he was able to lift 10 times as much as he could before. The only problem is, he lost the ability to speak and was not allowed near an airplane on his attempt to fly home. He was stuck in the wilderness and he wasn't the only one either. What will this burly strongman do to survive his new situation?

3. She'd been dating him for nearly five years when she found out he was a werewolf. She'd always fancied herself an extremely loyal partner and after all, she wanted to marry him someday, scary monthly transformation or not. She asked for him to change her over. When he refused, she snuck over to his house the night of a full moon. He was chained up, but she stepped close enough to be bitten and she almost immediately changed over. When they woke up, he shouted at her and considered breaking up with her on the spot. Instead, she convinced him to let the two of them be chained up together during the next full moon. After the night of the next full moon was over, she woke up to find that she'd killed her boyfriend when they were in werewolf form. What happens next?

4. She had been moving up in the ranks of one of the Fortune 500's top companies and planned to be CEO one day. When a business meeting ran late the night of a full-moon, one of her underlings transformed into a strange, hairy creature that bit her. He later told her of the curse and she wrote it off as a myth. She changed her tune after the first time she changed over and she refused to let a little thing like an ancient curse stop her from her career path. Whether it was her condition taking over or not, she became even more ruthless at the office as her wolf-like anger bled over and she started going home early during the full moon. At night, despite her best efforts to keep locked up, she hunted down her rivals in the company until she was next in line for the CEO position. She loved how close she was but hated who she had become in the process. What will she decide to do with the rest of her werewolf life?

5. He was more or less a big stoner with not much going on in his life. He was attacked by a huge wolf in the middle of the day and he immediately changed into what looked like a carbon copy of the animal. It turned out that there was no moon curse and it wasn't once a month. He was going to be stuck like this for the rest of his life. He simply wrote it off as an obstacle and went back into his apartment to smoke more weed. When his friends came over, he told them what happened and they eventually learned to live with it. He ended up earning himself a great reputation as an entertainer at werewolf parties. People always commented on how lifelike his costume was. One day, he went to a party so stoned, that he wasn't able to control his urges, eating a small child. What happens next?

6. Here he was, quiet, witty and honest and whenever he got emotional, he would turn into an uncontrollable, bloodthirsty beast. He continued to frontline a band and to date his cute girlfriend, but he knew that he would have to keep his anger in check if he was to lead a relatively normal life. He embarked on a journey to Tibet to learn to be a monk who could control all emotions that came into his life. When he returned, his life was more or less normal and everything was much more peaceful. He had defeated the condition and he began to teach the methods to others who were infected. Before long, he was able to nearly rid the entire country of the werewolf problem. How did this new ability to calm out the condition change his life and status?

7. The first time she changed into a werewolf, she was afraid that she would kill those who were closest to her. She was surprised to find out that she only looked different and didn't actually think any differently at all. Even though she was only in high school, she knew that she had to use her superior strength and speed to help those less fortunate than her. She went prowling the streets looking for crime to stop. On her first day she thwarted a mugging and on the next she even stopped a woman from being assaulted. She loved her new ability, but her parents were starting to get suspicious. She hoped that by telling them she was in a number of new clubs and other activities that they would stop asking her questions. Until one day, her father spotted her after she'd completely transformed. What happens next?

8. In a world where werewolves are out and those who have been transformed have special beds and rooms to keep them and others safe, she is a werewolf activist. There are many who think that werewolves should register and should be treated differently than normal humans. She is the public face of werewolves in the media to push the werewolf agenda of equal treatment. While she used to kill to survive, she hopes to keep all of her past transgressions secret, even if it means more death. Is she able to change the world of werewolf equality?

9. He was the captain of a mighty ship that planned to be out at sea for months. Little did he know that there was a stowaway on board with a serious, transformative infection. On the first night, the moon was full and the captain was attacked and converted over. The crew successfully locked the two wolves up and when they turned back into human form, they were shocked to find the captain lying there naked. They figured out what had happened and despite the fact that the captain was one of the most well-respected men in the industry, they had no choice but to throw him overboard. What happened next?

10. When you heard a pounding sound in your house, you asked your parents what it was. They didn't want to share everything but they did tell you not to go into your little sister's room. You ignored them and opened it to find that your baby sister was a fully transformed werewolf just itching to escape. In the morning when she changed back she told you the whole story. The night she was born, the hospital was attacked by the animalistic creature who attempted to take her as his own. The hospital staff overpowered the wolf, but the damage had been done, spreading the infection to her. As she grows up, how will being a werewolf affect her life? 

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