Free Character Writing Prompts #49: Writers

These character writing prompts will allow you to write up a storm about writers who are writing. I realize that as a writer, you are very likely to know other writers with personalities as much as cultures on opposite sides of the globe. There is a tendency, however, for some writers starting out to portray their own as shut ins with little in the way of social graces. There is no question that some writers embody those traits and wouldn't know a conversation if it hit them in the back of the head. Some writers are the exact opposite and use writing, speaking and touring equally in their profession. Other writers are freelancers who work on their craft in an effort to support their family. Some writers work primarily online in an effort to build up a community and spend their nights out with their same-aged friends. These many different people come together to make an eclectic bunch of characters who just happen to be writers. 

Free Character Writing Prompts #49: Writers

1. He'd always been a numbers guy, which was why he got into freelance writing. He crunched the numbers and realized that with little training but a lot of gusto, he could make considerably more money as a writer working per hour and get a ton more freedom than he ever would as a math professional. He studied every aspect of copywriting like it was a formula and he then put that formula into practice. After a few years, he was able to command a rate of over $200 per hour, with just as many clients as he wanted. Writing, to him at least, was a science after all. What does he do with the time provided by his career's freedom?

2. He was a well-known author throughout the world for his portrayal of complex, government-espionage scenarios. He inspired video games, movies and dozens of copycat authors. The books often featured the worst-case scenario for spy and terrorism-related missions, which came from his extreme fear of death and his unshakable pessimism. It was his editors that forced him into endings where the good guys won and his press team that shielded the public from his dire beliefs. His family kept a close eye on him to make sure he didn't take his negativity to the next level and he spent most hours of the day writing. What caused such him to have such a dystopic viewpoint?

3. Her books were like comfort food to women who were looking for something more in their lives. The books featured wild romance and women-empowerment and they usually sat at the top of the best seller's list until the following one came out. It turned out, the reason she wrote these books was because her own life lacked the happiness she wished for as a child. She created characters who had crazy adventures and amazingly happy endings that she could never seem to get for herself. Now a millionaire, she was finally able to live out some of her fantasies in reality. What is her typical day of writing like?

4. There are plenty of advertising copywriters in the world, but her ads are the best-selling by far. When she came onto a campaign, there was a hush throughout that particular office, waiting to see what brilliance she would come up with next. Singlehandedly, she had brought many brands in the United States to the top of the heap. The agencies paid her handsomely for her work and she lived on a beautiful property in the countryside with her family. She had an uncanny ability to know exactly what people wanted, which led her to advertising in the first place. What are some of her specialties and successes in the business?

5. His picture was literally in the dictionary next to the work "prolific." After years of writing 364 days per year, taking only Christmas off, he'd written over 250 novels, several short story compilations, multiple non-fiction tomes and even a book of childish poetry. There was an iconic image of him hunched over his office desk writing that could be found as inspiration in the houses of many writers throughout the world. His family loved and appreciated how he provided for them, but they couldn't help but wonder why his books were so much more important to him than they were. What are his opinions on family and his family's ability to put up with his abundance of work?

6. He was one of the most popular female authors for young adults of our time. Although, he wasn't a woman at all, because he was actually a ghost writer for a popular publication house. When his books became overwhelming popular, the publisher decided to keep his identity secret to preserve the mystery until the hysteria died out. His legend (as "her") only grew over time. After his books had sold over 30 million copies and he'd earned nearly a billion dollars in royalties, his publisher finally conceded to letting him reveal his identity. He'd had a good sense of humor about the whole thing and in his first interview mentioned his consideration of cross dressing or getting a sex change. What was it about his books that made him so popular?

7. When you wanted someone in your life to feel better, you would almost always enlist her help without even knowing it. She was a successful greeting card writer who knew, with the perfect blend of tongue-in-cheek humor and love, how to make anybody get out of a funk. Some of her cards had even been proven medically to increase the chances of healing. Her parents had major health problems when she was growing up and it had been almost a part of her nature to try her best to make them feel better. They always encouraged her well wishes and to make a little extra money in college, she applied to a greeting card company. The rest was history. What are some of her most used cards and how does she feel when she makes someone feel better?

8. In her youth, she wanted to be a teacher, but she never imagined that she'd have a hand in teaching millions of students every single year. For over a decade, she had been one of the most prominent textbook authors for both middle and high school and her books were featured in nearly every classroom. She had an uncanny knack for explaining complicated concepts in ways simple enough and entertaining enough for kids to learn. At the end of her day, she came home feeling satisfied that she had contributed to the education of so many people. What are some of the things that set her textbooks above some of the others on the market?

9. He often remembered back to when he had trouble reading as a youth and wanted desperately to create books that would help kids like him to become literate. He not only created children's books but did his best to distribute them throughout the country to disadvantaged families like his own had been. Writing wasn't his initial trade as he'd done quite well for himself in the business world, though it always called to him and when he'd made enough money to retire, he decided to act. It was estimated that his organization cut illiteracy in half over the course of five years. What are some of the feelings he experiences when he helps a kid to read for the first time?

10. If she could name one problem she believed the world had and could solve, it was a lack of self-esteem. She'd led seminars for over 20 years on the subject of self-worth and self-love and had gained quite a following. Her friends and co-workers thought she should make the transition into writing about her passion and when she did, the response was enormous. Her book was featured on every talk show throughout the country and it quickly became a best-seller. Her honesty mixed with her wit struck a perfect tone and the royalties alone would make sure she was set for life. What is next for this best-selling author and how much has the book changed her life? 

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Written by Bryan Cohen

Bryan Cohen is the author of more than 30 books, many of which focus on creative writing and blasting through that pesky writer's block. His books have sold more than 20,000 copies. You can find him on and Facebook.
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