Free Creative Writing Prompts #37: Religion

Ah, now this is an extremely fun and touchy subject to write about :). While not always the primary cause, religion has been a catalyst in many wars, debates, and political splits throughout the world during all of history. For that reason alone, religion can be a great tool for writing inspiration. Its efficacy builds when you think about how many different people you know follow different religious beliefs. These free creative writing prompts about religion can spark your brain to come up with a whole mess of different characters and plots based on the religions you are familiar with. Happy writing! 

Free Creative Writing Prompts: Religion

1. Do you believe that the religion (if any) you grew up with was/is correct in its interpretation of G-d and the world? How do you reconcile the possible influence you've had from being brought up around the culture of the religion in influencing your decision?

2. Imagine a world in which your religion is one that its people are persecuted for. You are not seen as a first-class citizen as a result. How do you deal with this situation? Is there any kind of remedy for it?

3. Pick (from your religion or any really) a fun holiday full of festival and fun. Create a story of an outsider who is unfamiliar and his first experience with this holiday.

4. Talk about the most powerfully spiritual location you've ever entered. This could be a Church, a Synagogue, a giant green meadow, anywhere that you felt spiritually charged as a result of being there. Go into great depth about how this particular spirituality affected you.

5. Do you believe that people who are not of your same believe will face torment in the afterlife? If so, write about these beliefs. If not, create a character that believes this and use him or her in a dialogue or short story.

6. Talk about your spirituality. Even if you don't have a religion, talk about what makes you feel connected with something greater than yourself. If you are an atheist, this is a good time to talk about any lack of spirituality you feel in the world.

7. Write about any religious social groups you have ever been a part of during high school, college, or after. How did the people in this group have similar or different beliefs to you specifically? If you have never been part of such a group, do a bit of research and write about a character who is.

8. You fall in love and decide to get married. You and your significant other come from drastically different religious backgrounds and your family sits you down for a meal, asking you to reconcile how you will raise your children. What happens next?

9. Create a character (or use your own experience) who has converted from one religion to another religion. How did he or she come to make this decision and why? Use experiences that the character has had from both religions.

10. Have you ever been made fun of or have you ever made fun of someone else's religion? Talk about it and if there is anything that you learned from the experience. 

Using these free creative writing prompts for your inspiration is a great way to use religion to a positive end. I think we should all strive to use our religious leanings to create a better world instead of to create a divided world. While writing from prompts is certainly not a peace accord, it is good to try to take as many positive connecting things out of your religion as possible. If you are interested in sharing what you've written, try giving it a shot in the space below. 

Bonus Prompt - You are the creator of a new religion that combines all of your philosophies and beliefs. What is it called, how does it work, and who follows you into it? 

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Written by Bryan Cohen

Bryan Cohen is the author of more than 30 books, many of which focus on creative writing and blasting through that pesky writer's block. His books have sold more than 20,000 copies. You can find him on and Facebook.
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