My Journey On a Pirate Ship

by Cody Edgemon
(Lorain, OH USA)

I was in charge of this ship her name was the HMS Amphion. My crew consisted of me the captin Alan, and my girl friend Brittany who also helps me and my pet panther, Preston the co-captain, Michael he was the navigator, there was the pirate named Tre who keeps the ship in order, Brandy she enjoys cooking, Brown he was the lookout, there is Miller who was the torture master, and there was Ely who is in charge of the storage area. This was the crew that we had heading toward the Bermuda Triangle.
Once we set sail. We traveled for three days and three nights till we came across a small island that was said to hold a secret on the island. So we set out looking for the secret on the island not knowing what it was. We set Brown and Ely out onto the island to the look for the secret. The next day they returned with a giant chest of gold. Tre ran over to pick up the gold I shouted no, but it was too late. Tre looked around with the golden goblet in his hand. “Restrain him" I shouted Brittany walked up to Tre and hit him with the butt of the gun knocking him out. Miller ran up and took some rope and tied Tre to the mast. I put a bullet in the chest of Brown and Ely and they just look at me. “They are cursed" said Brittany. Miller tied a noose and hung both Ely and Brown. Tre broke free from the ropes and jumped over board. “Man over board" shouted Preston. We looked down and watched in horror as a shark ate Tre.
With a crew of six now and two cursed undead crew members hanging from the rafters and a pet panther we once again set sail to the coast of Bermuda. We sailed for seven days and seven nights till we reached Bermuda. Once we docked on land Michael and Brandy got out and loaded new supplies onto the ship. I decided that me and Brittany should go for a walk so leaving the boat in preston and millers hand we set off with my pet panther. Me and brittany was walking around when we found a group a natives sneeking toward the ship. We hurried back to find Miller and Preston in combat fighting for their lives i told Brittany to signal for the return of Michael and Brandy, Brittany got on the ship miller helping her get passed the natives gaurded her as she got to the cannon room. Brittany took Millers sword and gaurded him while he loaded the cannon and fired a shot. Me and Preston were on the deck fighting the natives off when we saw Michael Running back with Brandy and some ship wrecked crew, the final Native was about to be killed when Michael and Brandy got on board, the native shot a dart at Michael but missed and hit Brandy. Preston walked up to the native and cut his head off with a swift movment of his cutless.
We set sail with what supplies we had left and headed into the Bermuda triangle. It had to be the most scariest place ever. You could here screams from no wear. Sounds of battle and war. I told everyone to be on high alert while brittany tended to Brandys wounds. I decided to go up into the rafters to get a better look at were we were going. Passing the undead bodies of Brown and Ely, reached out and grabed my arm and tried to talk somthing about ghosts of the past, then Brown said “he need’s not to worry about ghost’s Posiedons pet will surly kill him first. I hacked Elys arm off and kept climbing. Once i reached the top i did a 360 and tried to see what was going on. Nuthing but mist as far as i can see. Then out of nowhere i saw blood red eyes and movment in the water then it disappered. I climbed back down to the deck and over heard Miller telling stories to the ship wrecked crew. “She’ll look like your dream and sing like heaven but she’ll make you jump over board and drown if you here her sing" said Miller. The new ship mates looked so terrified all seven of them looked like they were gonna jump over board right now. I laughed and walked away seeing Preston on the way he was steering the ship threw the fog better than i could. I walked to the back of the ship and saw Michael looking down into the water. I walked over to him “what’s up?" i asked. He looked at me startled “nuthing just thought i saw somthing moving in the water." he said. I looked down and saw nuthing, i was gonna tell him that the Triangle was playing tricks on him when i herd Preston shout cover your ears. I looked over and saw the three most beutiful girls sitting on a rock. Everyone started to put candle wax in their ears. I ran over to get a gn when i saw one of the shipwrecked crew leaning over to look at the girls i shouted but he didnt hear me. One after another the Sirens jumped up and snatched one of the ship wrecked crews. Out of now where I saw another siren jump on the ship and come toward me, Boom!!!!! The siren went flying i looked behind me to see Brittany with a shotgun. “God i love you" i said. Brittany looked around and said “god didnt save you i did get it right" Then out of nowhere a giant sea monster came up and and eat two more of the crew Preston quickly fired the can and blew its head off, but the two men were dead.
The next day we decided to start sailing away from the Bermuda Triangle and got abducted by aliens. The ship wreck crew got killed by the aliens. The aliens then teleported the rest of us to Japan. Were we found out we were sent into the future and Japan was at war for some reason they called them selves Jap’s. The Jap’s then shot a nuke at us and we all died happily ever after. Or did we? To this day the Jap’s say they here people shouting and screaming orders off the coast of their island some have sworn to see the ghost ship of HMS Amphion.

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