The Devils Choice

by Kylee
(United States of America)

I go to the spot that the Devil told me to be, a very shady cafe with skulls and spikes everywhere. It was a very ominous place and sent chills up my spine. All the waiters/waitresses are in leather and look like they could kill me with just a simple glance. I take a seat and start to look at the menu, and quickly realize, by all the blood that is being served, that this is a place that vampires go for all their gourmet blood. So I just sit there quietly waiting for the Devil to show, which he eventually does at noon, apologizing for being 3 hours late. I tell him that it's fine and to continue, he gets right to the point.
"I will give you a choice"
"You can spend the rest of your life with Michael..."
"YES....' I answer eagerly.
"And lose your soul...OR..."
"Keep your soul and but..."
"Never have another chance with Michael. You have 32 hours to choose."
"Ok, thank you" I say shyly
at this there is a poof of smoke and the Devil is gone, leaving me to exit the creepy place. So as I leave the Vampire Cafe, looking very out of place in my pink frilly dress, I start to think to myself do I want to spend the rest of my life with Michael or not?, Is he worth losing my soul? This question persisted for a long time that day, until, I saw Michael walking down the street in my direction, where the question suddenly just disappears from all corners of my mind. He notices me and runs toward me as I start to turn away. Michael comes up behind me and hugs the daylight out of me.

"Ahh, who is this??"
"Nope. Try again"
"Not even close"
"Ding~ding~ding and she goes home with 1,000 toilet paper rolls!"
"What are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be at the Marine base by now."
"They didn't accept me" he replies glumly.
"Oh, sorry. So what's your plan now?"
"To try and get into Harvard"
"Coolio! Want to go study?"
"Sure. Where?"
"My place?"
"YA!" he shouts eagerly.

At this she leads the way to her house noting that Michael is a very happy guy today. 
    Michael has tried to stay away from me sense 8th grade when we broke up. It was a nasty breakup, me crying him having no expression on his perfect face. And this was after him saying not long ago that he had loved me from afar for two years. So for him to not have an expression on his face was saddening only making me cry harder. He’s the only guy I’ve ever cried over or ever will cry over. 
    Michael is very twitchy and was messing with his crotch a lot which kind of gave me a bad feeling about Michael, but by the time the feeling sank in, we were at my house and I was in auto piolet and got out my keys and opened the door just to have my big Great Dane / Husky mix jump on me and knock me into Michael. I feel something hard poke me in the lower back but think nothing of it as I try to get my dog off of me so I can let Michael into me house. After getting Michael set up on my laptop across the room I go to my bed and start to think about the choice that the Devil gave me. To be able to spend the rest of my life with Michael without a soul or to not have another chance with him, but keep my soul. And as I am thinking about this I suddenly feel a finger poke my arm. I immediately hit the hand, which belongs to Michael, as he says “I miss your body…” , in a thoughtful tone, as though he were thinking back to our little escapades into the boys’ bathroom in middle school. Well I certainly don’t miss yours. I think as I scoot a bit to the left, escaping another poke of his finger. This startles him into realizing what he was doing and he turns around and starts to type again. That was odd I thought as I drifted off into sleep.
The next morning I found myself trapped in Michaels arms. I was in a tank and some shorts and all that he decided to wear is his underwear. As I try to untangle myself rom him he starts to wake up which in turn wakes up my dog who is now very eager to be fed. So I finally get myself untangled to find that my legs have been handcuffed to the bed. What on earth!!! As Michael comes back to the world of the conscious he notices that I am trying to free me poor legs. And remarks
“Not going to work babe”
“What have you done???”
“Created a… Slave”
Michael didn’t know that my dog was a dog that was trained to save anyone in need and knew key phrases that told her the situation and how to react to it. I had personally taught her ‘Slave’, not because I may become one, not because I wanted to hurt slaves, but because there are too many people in the world that have workers and don’t pay them. At the word ‘Slave’ my dog starts to tear at the things around me, the bed, the pillows, the ground, Michael, etc., etc. when she gets to Michael she really goes at him trying to bite his face off and such. Michael then hits her just to get her away from him, at this she retreats to sitting in front of me. Blocking Michael from reaching me, a smart move, for as he tries to reach around her he is then bitten. By the end of an hour Michael had bits and scratches all over him, trying to reach me and failing worse each time. Finally I ask him,
“Why did you make me your evals?”
“My WHAT?”
“evals, e-v-a-l-s, spell it backwards”
“e-v-a-l-s is s-l-a-v-e oh! Maybe because you are the only person that I truly love and the one person I will truly ever love.”
“Then why did you break up with me in the first place?”
“Because if I hadn’t my dad would have killed me that night literally killed me.”
“Oh, ok.” Making up my mind I told him this “well I have found someone else who I love and although you were very kind and caring in 8th grade I have Milo now so if you could just hand me the key…”
“What you, you, you. No-no-no-no I was to slow!”
“There was no way you could have kept me to yourself Michael; I met Milo the next month.”
And at this I could see that he was going to throw a fit so I whispered into my dog ear ‘Tantrum’ and she jumped onto Michael and kept him down so that I could snatch the keys from his hands and unlock my feet, which were sore, and then I went to the kitchen to make breakfast, calling my dog after me.
Michael is stunned laying on the floor face up, allowing me to make a quick breakfast and to take my dog out for a walk. As I was on the walk with my dog I made up my mind for the choice that the devil had given me the day before. I was going to keep my soul. So as I made my way to the Vampire Café I rehearsed what I was going to tell the devil when he finally decided to show his horned face I have chosen the route that I would like to take my life, I would like to keep my soul and have no chance to ever be able to be with Michael again. Thank you for giving me a choice when you didn’t have to. I appreciate your flexibility on allowing me a day to think it over. Thank you and it was nice to meet you, although I wish the reason was a different one it was a good experience.
The End

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