The kidnapping

by makayla Stilson
(Ohio )

Chapter 1.
The Beginning

Twenty years ago there was a girl named Kathy she was only 6 years old and this is her story on how she died. She lived in Cleveland ohio in 1996. She had black hair and blue eyes. She was the only child. Her dad died when she was not even a year old. So her mom and her moved to abandoned house at the end of the woods.They moved in that week after they found the house.
A week went by, Kathy starting hearing strange noises coming from the aditc. She didn’t tell her mom because she didn’t think that much about it. She thought it was probably a breeze from a crack so she didn’t want her mom to be worried. That night she heard footsteps coming from the adic and that’s when she started to get worried. So the next morning she told her mom that she was hearing weird sounds coming from the adic.
Her mom said it was probably the wind coming through the cracks in the walls and mice running across the floor. Her mom didn’t believe in evil. But she doesn’t realize that the noises are coming from Kathy’s killer. But they don’t know that yet, until the day of her birthday party.

Three months went past two days left until her 7th birthday. Kathy is so excited for her party. But she is going to have a bloody surprise that day .
The day of the party Kathy is so happy she is helping her mom set up the decorations for the party. People started to show up but there was one guy that the family didn’t know he just keep staring at Kathy. She was a beautiful young lady. When Kathy went inside to go to the bathroom he followed her no one saw him follow her.
10 minutes later everyone heard someone scream but when they went to go see what happened no one was there, the killer took Kathy out the bathroom window. He blindfolded her so she could see where he was taking her.
For the rest of the time he has her in a cage in his basement. He didn’t let her out at all not even to eat. Kathy was so scared. She hasn’t seen her mom in awhile and she begs to go home but her kidnapper would always said “No you are not leaving me!” She says “But I want my mommy.” He said “ I don’t care what you want you are mine now so deal with it.” At that point he made her cry, because she knows she ain’t ever going to see her mommy again. One day her kidnapper left and came back to the house and told her that he had someone over that if she screamed or made any other noises he would beat her until she was black and blue…

Chapter 2
His next Victim

So his next victim never seen it coming. So out of nowhere she got hit with a bat on the back of the head. Kathy heard screams of pain from upstairs she wonder what was going on. She heard him coming down stairs with a lady on his back all bloody and passed out. She gassped in fear that she noticed the lady was Ms. Smith on of her friends moms. The next morning Ms. Smith woke up and started screaming. She didn't' know where she was at or what happened last night. She didn’t notice me sitting in the cage next to her.
It is 4:00am the basement is dark, but Kathy can see her best friends mom laying there. But then at the corner of her eye she sees her kidnapper at the top of the stairs trying to see if he can catch kathy trying to talk to Ms. Smith. They guy finally went to bed so kathy had a chance to try to get Ms. Smith to talk to her and she did. Ms. Smith “how did you get here?” said Kathy. Ms. Smith said “ I was at the dinner getting coffee and sat across from me and we started to talk and having a good time he offered to take me home. So I said yes that would be great but the next thing I know he goes right past my street. So I asked we are we going and he said “We are going to my house.” I asked why he didn’t say anything. So when we got inside he went to the kitchen and that’s all I know I don't know how I ended up down here chained up down here wherever here is.” “What are you doing here?” Ms. Smith asked Kathy.
Well he took me on the day of my birthday he took me out the bathroom window……… Then I woke up here in this cage……..
Ms. Smith said the day of your 7th birthday party. Yes Kathy replied. So the screams we heard coming from the bathroom it was you screaming. Yes, Kathy said “All me”. So Ms. Smith and i kept talking to see if we could figure out why this guy whoever he is took me on my 7th birthday and you.
Does he want something from my mom. Does my mom have something of his. Wait why would my mom have something of his…….

Chapter 3
The unmistakable Secret

I have been trying to figure out why he would take me and Ms. Smith. Does my mom really have something of his. If she does what could it be? Why would she take something that didn’t belong to her, she ain’t like that I don’t think. Ms. Smith why do you think he took us?

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