December Writing Prompts

These December writing prompts focus on that wonderful final month of the year that is typically dominated by Christmas and its ever present music. Since I've already crafted some Christmas writing prompts and some Christmas creative writing ideas, I thought I'd concentrate on some of the other wonderful aspects of the month. I hope you enjoy them!

December Writing Prompts

1. The month of December has the shortest daylight hours of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. What are some ways you try to use every last second of daylight during December? What would you do differently if you lived in a place with little to no daylight at all?

2. On December 21, the season of winter begins. What are some of the things you like the most about winter? What don't you like about the season? If you were to plan a December 21st winter party, what would the theme be and how would you set it up?

3. On December 15, 1791, the Bill of Rights was enacted, providing rights to individual U.S. citizens. How do you think life would be different if there was no official bill of rights? What are some of the freedoms you have today because it was created?

4. On December 1, 1990, England was officially connected to mainland Europe when engineers broke through the final rock layer. If you could dig a tunnel between your house and any place in the world where would it be and why? Describe your first underground trip.

5. Walt Disney was born on December 5th, 1901 and his creations like Mickey Mouse and Snow White would entertain millions of people for the next century and beyond. What are some of your favorite Disney characters and why? If you had to create a new animal star to head up Disney to replace Mickey Mouse, what would it be and why?

6. December is a month that has a lot to do with the Hubble Space Telescope. In 1924, Edwin Hubble announced the existence of other galactic systems in December. Nearly 70 years later, U.S. astronauts completed a five-day repair job in space on the $3 billion telescope. How would you describe a far off galaxy if you saw it through a high powered telescope? What would you do if you could travel to the farthest reaches of the universe?

7. One of the most beloved movies of all times, Gone with the Wind premiered in Atlanta on December 15, 1939. The movie went on to gross $198 million dollars, which adjusted for inflation would be worth $1.6 billion today. Imagine that you could create the next successful movie that could earn even more money. What would it be about and who would star in it?

8. French engineer Alexandre Eiffel was born in December in 1832. He designed the Eiffel Tower and assisted in the design of the Statue of Liberty. If you could create a monument as massive as those two icons, what would it be, where would you put it and how much would it cost?

9. New Year's Eve is a time for remembering all of the great things you did in the past year and what you will try to accomplish next year. What are some of the things you think about on New Year's Eve and what will your resolutions be for the following year?

10. The Boston Tea Party, an event in which residents protesting British taxation threw tea overboard on a British ship, occurred in December. What do you think life would have been like in the United States if people didn't rebel and continued to be ruled from abroad? How would your typical daily routine change?

And there you have it, 10 December writing prompts to use in your homes or classrooms. Fortunately, you don't just need to use December writing prompts during December, since there are thousands to choose from on this website alone. If you'd like to have them all together in one place, try out my two books, 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts and 500 Writing Prompts for Kids. Happy New Year everybody!

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