Free Creative Writing Prompts #75: Goals

Your goal today: use these free creative writing prompts about goals! If you've read my website or any of my non-writing prompts books, you know that I'm a huge proponent of setting goals for yourself. There's something about achieving a challenging task that makes you feel like your trying to make a difference in your life. When you combine those goals with an overarching purpose to drive you even farther, you can move much further ahead than your peers and friends. Even though the best goals have a chance of failure built in, that's part of the challenge and fear hard-wired into every motivation. 

Free Creative Writing Prompts #75: Goals

1. Imagine that you could go back five years, insert a series of amazing and difficult long-term goals and achieve them by the present day. What about your life would be different with those goals having been achieved? Now, what are some goals you have for five years down the line and how will your life change after having made them a reality?

2. Think about the most goal-oriented person you know. List some of the accomplishments this person has been able to make a reality for him or herself. How do you think this person was able to focus so successful on these goals and what would you have to do to have the same level of success for yourself?

3. It's been said that if you don't create your own goals, someone else will create them for you. For example, if you don't create a weight or body image goal for yourself, your goal might be taken over by the Photoshop-heavy media. What are some goals in your life that you didn't put there yourself and with what other goals would you like to replace them?

4. Goals don't always have to be something as big as an Olympic Gold Medal or a novel, they might simply represent a tiny step you take each day for your health, your home or your relationships. What are five tiny, little goals that you could add to your life and how would you achieve them step-by-step?

5. Motivational speaker Brian Tracy has said that one of the most effective ways to improve goal setting is to write them down each day to engrave them into your subconscious. Do you think this idea holds water? Imagine if you tried such a practice for 30 days and write a story about your goal-setting success or failure.

6. After an odd encounter with a fallen spaceship, you have been granted the ability to make all of your goals come true as soon as you think of them. They don't magically appear, but you can pretty much put yourself on auto-pilot as your seemingly possessed body takes care of all the hard work involved. How much more successful would you be if you could so easily get the tough stuff out of the way and simply reap the rewards?

7. Have you ever had a time in your life when someone told you something was impossible...and then you proved them wrong? Describe such an event or make one up in which you worked so hard for a seemingly unattainable goal that you practically willed it into being.

8. What is the hardest goal you can think of that you just might be able to achieve if you had unlimited resources and time? What kind of things would you have to do on a daily basis and what aspects of it would you need an extreme amount of help with? How would you feel after achieving it?

9. Think of four or five friends you've had over the years who have had or currently have goals that line up quite well with yours. Who of those friends, including yourself, has been the most successful at achieving those goals. What would you have to do to be the most successful out of the lot of them?

10. In an amazing technological breakthrough, a scientist has created a goal computer that allows you to type in any goal and it will tell you without guess work exactly what you need to do to achieve it. The computer calculates every single step of the process from beginning to end. How would such a device help you to progress with your own goals? 

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