Free Creative Writing Prompts #77: Valentine's Day

You'll love these free creative writing prompts as much as you love February 14th, the wonderful holiday known as Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day can be the most amazing holiday in the world if you're on good terms with your significant other, the most awkward holiday ever if you're on bad terms with your significant other and can be downright excruciating if you're between significant others. There is no question that this holiday has become extremely consumer-driven as it allows local and chain stores to push pink and red memorabilia as soon as the new year begins. Deep down, however, the holiday can lead to a lot of love and togetherness for many people as they spend their time eating brunch. 

Free Creative Writing Prompts: Valentine's Day

1. What is the most memorable Valentine's Day you've ever experienced? Describe the day from beginning to end, including what you felt, what you did and who you were with. Remember, "memorable" does not mean it was necessarily good or bad, it just means that it is deeply imbedded in your mind!

2. You have decided to prove your love with an amazing display of affection and gifts during a Valentine's Day celebration with your significant other. What do you get your love for the holiday and what do you have planned out to sweep your paramour off his or her feet?

3. If you could create a card for Valentine's Day, what would it say and why? What kind of demographic do you think would like it the most? Would you ever give this card to someone you care about in particular and why or why not?

4. The early origins of Valentine's Day had nothing to do with romantic love and the holiday didn't change to include love until the times of Geoffrey Chaucer and courtly love. Imagine that you had the ability to change what multiple holidays actually celebrated. What holidays would you change and why? How would their celebrations change?

5. With your love out of town for Valentine's Day, you have been tasked with cheering up your single friends during the holiday. What do you do to pep up those who are unlucky in love and how do these lonely folks react to you in your attempt to bring independent cheer?

6. In what feels like a plot out of a bad movie, you have been visited by apparitions of all your past partners, who are trying to collectively teach you a lesson about love. Why have they come now and what is the lesson they might want to instruct you in? Will you learn it or continue to go on about love as you always had?

7. As an arrow goes whizzing by your face, you drive to the ground and hear what seems like a toddler laughing. It's Cupid! Not only is this baby of love real, but he wants to grab a bite to eat with you to talk about love. What do you and Cupid talk about and what is he like in real life?

8. You have been tasked with creating the ultimate Valentine's Day playlist for a big holiday dance at a local group you belong to. What are some of the biggest hits about love you add to the list? What are the reactions like to your loving music selection?

9. Some guys and girls simply don't have a clue when it comes to Valentine's Day. What are some of the worst gifts you've ever heard being exchanged on this pink and red holiday? Can you think of any gifts that would be even worse? What reactions might these gifts provoke?

10. How would you explain Valentine's Day to an immigrant from another country who'd never before experienced it? What aspects of the holiday might this person think quaint, strange or downright ridiculous? 

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