How to Find True Happiness

If you're looking how to find true happiness, you've already completed a step that few people are willing or able to make. You've identified that it isn't necessarily money, fame or power you want. You are specifically looking for happiness, which is a truly awesome quest. It's certainly not easy. Happiness is a refined skill, sort of like becoming a watchmaker. You need to spend years perfecting your happiness craft in order to reach a high level of happiness. Not everybody who is searching how to find true happiness will reach the level of a "happiness expert," but the more time you put into discovering what your own personal happiness is, the more likely you are be joyful.

It all starts with figuring out what you want in life. The people who spend most of their time doing the opposite of what they like doing will not be happy. This is why the happiest people in the world usually have jobs and careers that they like to do. Could you imagine a book entitled, "How to Find True Happiness When You Hate Yourself 40 Hours a Week?" Probably not. Personally, it took me nearly five years out of college to realize that writing was a calling for me. After that, it took me another two years to figure out how to make a living out of it. Some may be able to figure it out sooner, while others may not be able to earn money from something they love for decades.

In the process of your how to find true happiness quest, you must also learn to be grateful for the things you have in your life. You may not have that dream job quite yet, but perhaps you have a job that pays you enough to keep your bills at bay. Your home life may not be ideal, but maybe you have a partner who treats you well and wants the best for you. It's time to stop complaining about what you don't have. Be appreciative of the advantages you've had in life over some who have been less fortunate. Be thankful and you will notice happiness begin to set in.

Controlling your negative emotions is one of the most difficult aspects of your attempts at how to find true happiness. When you complain, scold, argue and generally lose your temper, you are training your brain to continue those types of behavior. Negativity gives you a temporary feeling of strength and power, but in the long run it actually drains your happiness. You need to catch yourself and prevent further showings of negativity. Don't let yourself complain about something miniscule. Don't let yourself make excuses for being late (it's disempowering). If you feel yourself about to yell at a loved one, think instead of how much you love this person. If you can train yourself out of these negative tendencies, you will be much more prone to happiness.

There are plenty of other healthy ways to boost your happiness: meditation, exercise, charitable givings, wishing others well, laughing and visualizing an abundant future. That being said, if you can work toward your goals, be grateful for what you have and cut down your negativity, you will begin to find the answer to the question of how to find true happiness.

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