Improving Self Esteem

By looking up the phrase "improving self esteem," you're already taking the appropriate first step in the process. You want to think better of yourself or you wouldn't be here. When you have higher self-esteem you are more confident, productive and likeable. Whether you're trying your hand at improving self esteem to become a successful author or simply to get your crush to like you, here are a few tips to help.

1. Act the Part

When I had low self-esteem back in high school, one of the first things I did was I, "faked it until I made it." I started acting more social and confident than I actually felt. Sure, if you do this you'll still have many of the same low self-esteem thoughts, but if you do your best to act like a person with high self-esteem, some of those thoughts will mimic your new actions. Some things you can do for this step are dress professionally or stylishly, smile as often as you can, talk about things you've done that you're proud of and complement the achievements of others. Don't boast or insult people as these are qualities of a person with low self-esteem.

2. Esteem Island

Just as an island is surrounded on all sides by water, you must surround yourself with self-esteem building materials. Hang out more often with your kinder, optimistic friends or make some new ones. Read uplifting stories and books on the subject of self-esteem. Speak or write down positive affirmations and leave yourself notes in areas you commonly glance. Since your typical neutral state of mind is lacking in self-esteem, placing as many obstacles to that low self-esteem way of thinking is a must. Over time, that neutral state will become more positive and powerful as the water of optimism washes away your low thoughts of self.

3. The End Result

Goal setting and Law of Attractions experts like to remind us that everything tangible in the world started as an intangible idea in the mind. The automobile used to not exist, it had to be invented in the brain first. Capitalism didn't appear magically or randomly, as it was first placed in the world by a thought. This concept works exactly the same with the self. You must take the time to picture the exact person you want to be. Write down step-wise goals that slowly but surely get you from where you are now to where you want to be internally. Draw a picture, write a story, sing a song or paint a painting representing this new you. If you take time every day to concentrate positively on who you want to be, you'll be that person sooner than you think.

I'm sure there are other steps you could take for improving self esteem, but I'm willing to bet that if you put time into these three concepts alone, you would be a happier and healthier person in no time.

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