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This past week I was fortunate enough to be part of a journal writing topics chat with Dawn Herring who blogs for Refresh Journal. We were talking over one of my previous posts, journal writing ideas, in which I came up with different perspectives for writing about your own day. For this post, I will take a bit of a different approach. Many people who journal, tend to write mostly about themselves and what's going on in their lives. These 10 journal writing topics will instead focus on taking a different perspective on the world around you, instead of on your own life.

1. Pick a person in your life, any person. This doesn't have to necessarily be a person who you've seen today. Write about that person's day from their perspective. You can make up any details that you don't have. How does writing "in their shoes" make you feel differently about that person?

2. We tend to criticize and complain about our lives whenever we have the chance. Write from the perspective of someone you know who has it much worse than you, but instead of complaining, have the person write about the good things he or she has going for them.

3. While we don't always get to hang out with our biggest supporters in the world, we can still imagine how they'd talk about us if they got the chance. Create a journal entry from your biggest friend or fan in the world, writing about you and all the great qualities you have.

4. None of us are immortal and at some point every person you know will pass away. Write an entry about how you would like to be remembered when you die. List at least three things you can start doing to get yourself closer to the persona you'd like to embody.

5. Most people tend to have a standby movie they'll always watch if they're feeling down or there's nothing on TV. Create a journal entry from the perspective of the actors in that movie, talking about why they think you like it so much? Use your imagination to craft how they would know you directly through your TV set.

6. Catching up with old friends is a lot different now because of Facebook as we can see into the daily lives of these people we've cared about. Write a journal entry from the perspective of an old friend who is looking into your life through your Facebook page. What does the friend think about the person you've become?

7. There are several major decisions in your life that changed who you were forever after. Create an entry from the perspective of a version of you that chose differently at once of those junctures. How would your life be different from the way it currently is?

8. Create a journal entry from the perspective of a major world figure. How does this person's day to day life and responsibilities differ from your own?

9. Write a journal entry from the point of view of a current or former significant other. The topic? Why, you, of course! Write this post set in the past, present or future if you so desire.

10. We tend to add a lot of sentimentality to events that for other people might just be another average day. Write an entry about a day in your past that you have a lot of emotions toward, from a completely impartial third party who had much less vested in the event. How does this point of view change your opinion of what happened?

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed these journal writing topics and have found them useful for your personal record keeping. There are over 1,000 prompts on this site that can be used for journaling if you so please. I have also created a book that is perfect for using for journal writing topics called 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts: Ideas for Blogs, Scripts, Stories and More that is available for Amazon, Nook as well as in PDF and paperback form.

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