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I haven't talked a lot about making money on this website, but let's face it, some people's livelihood depends on their ability to be creative. If a cartoonist, a screenwriter, an essayist, an author or a freelance writer cannot go to their imaginative well of ideas and concepts, they may find themselves out of a job. In addition, there are creative folks in this world who have yet to adequately tap their resources for monetary gain.

As of 2008, making money was prominent in my mind but I did not believe I would be able to do it based on my creativity. I thought of my desire to write and be artistic as a burden more than a blessing. This was a silly belief for me, especially since some of the highest paid people in the world are those in creative fields. Even those who aren't as in the public view as actors like Tom Cruise and writers like Stephen King, can make a killing with a very high hourly rate in acting in commercials, selling audio tracks in specialized fields and writing for magazines and blogs.

What are the secrets to making money in your particular creative field? The answers are confidence and research.

The true reason I wasn't making money off of my writing back in the day was because I wasn't confident that I could. I didn't think of myself as a "good writer" or a "valuable writer" when it turned out I was certainly better than some and more valuable then others. Through creating this website and seeing the traffic rise (I nearly had 1,000 people come to the site just yesterday), I was able to build the mindset that there were people out there who were willing to read what I wrote.

With confidence putting the wind in my sails, I was able to pick the most appropriate direction for my talents using research. I learned how to most effectively form my web pages to increase traffic and advertising revenue. I found out about self-publishing and how to best get my work out there earning passive income while I slept. Currently, I am studying how freelance writers earn more money per assignment by finding new clients through query letters and effective websites packed with references and examples.

If it was not for confidence and research, I might still be going from temp job to temp job, wishing that I had more marketable skills. Instead, I'm earning a much higher income from my writing than I ever did from the work I slaved through back then. While money isn't everything, it certainly makes you feel more fulfilled when you earn it directly from your life's purpose.

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