My Resolutions for 2012

I hadn't really thought of my resolutions for the Build Creative Writing Ideas site for 2012, but why I don't I give them a shot right here. I've already written at least one blog post every day for the last 118 days and if I keep my 365 day writing challenge all the way through the end, I'll at least have a post for the next 247 days and counting. Since I'll be doing that regardless of any resolutions, I'm going to need to think beyond that for the content of the site.

5. At least 50 more character writing prompts pages

I have already posted 49 character writing prompts pages from my upcoming book, 1,000 Character Writing Prompts: Villains, Heroes and Hams for Scripts, Stories and More and there still at least 50 more to come. Once I complete the book, however, one of my resolutions may be to come up with a third category of prompts. I already have plot based prompts and with all these character writing prompts, perhaps I can finally start my dream of doing 1,000 prompts on every Shakespeare play (it's a crazy dream, I realize this).

4. More interactive material

This year, I finally got to answer a question on one of my motivation techniques pages, though I'd like to create some more opportunities for interaction. I thought for the longest time I might do a forum, but I'm just not sure I have enough time to moderate it, I've heard they can get pretty hairy. One of my resolutions will have to be to figure out how to better connect with you, my wonderful readers, who helps me to keep this site going through your attendance.

3. More guest posts

I've been so lucky to have some great authors do guest posts on the site. I'd like to reach out more and find additional great voices in the writing community as one of my resolutions. I also need to get around to creating a guest post section so that these posts are more easily accessible and less hidden on the site. Once I do that, hopefully even more traffic will come to those posts, increasing the chances that these authors will get more book sales and will spread the word that Build Creative Writing Ideas is a cool place to be.

2. Improved Design

I've been putting it off for a few years, but I think this should be the year of the site redesign. It's never been the prettiest posy in the patch, but I've tried to get by with a lot of great content. If I can pretty it up in 2012, I think that I'll be able to get even more attention for this little site that could.

1. 1,000 pages

One of my resolutions a few years back was to get up to 1,000 pages on the site. I'm currently up to 661, which means I need to average a little under a post a day for the next year to reach that goal. I think I can definitely do it and I hope that reaching such a milestone will also shoot my traffic to the next level. 2012 will be a good year for Build Creative Writing Ideas. I can just tell. Happy writing!

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