"Setting Goals and Being Happy"
A Six Week Course (starts Aug '09)

Have you been in Chicago for X amount of time without coming close to the artistic success you hoped for?
Do you feel like you should be happier than you are?
Does your "flexible" or "9-5" job sap your energy and make you simply want to complain or crash when you get home?
Are you not reaching your potential financially or creatively?

You aren't the only one who feels that way. Luckily, all these problems are solvable.

Theatre Producer and Self Help writer Bryan Cohen has developed a 6 week course to change your outlook and your path of potential unhappiness. His class will help in the following areas:
- Finding your purpose
- Making money while you sleep
- Creating achievable goals
- Being happy when times are hard
- Unlocking your potential
- Tips and tricks to make life better

This class will meet Tuesday nights in August and September (beginning 8/18) and it will cost $200. There is a 110% money back guarantee (if you don't like the course, Bryan pays you for your troubles). It's time to take a stand against the things that suck in your life. E-mail Bryan at bryandavidcohen(at)gmail.com for more information.

Bryan Cohen has been producing shows in Chicago and Chapel Hill, NC since 2002. He is a Self Help writer and receives thousands of visitors a month at his website Build Creative Writing Ideas.

Praise for Bryan Cohen and Build Creative Writing Ideas:

“You’ve got a great motivational tool here and it has helped me get my slacker-ass in gear.”
Kim Van Ness, Chicago, IL

“Your site is so informative and helpful that I feel like I am in school without being in school. Everything about it is so fascinating. Thank you.”
Cynthia Hernandez, 36, San Dimas, CA

“You're awesome! Thank you for a web site full of good ideas and support.”
Sean Zio, Ottawa, Canada

“I have read some of the info on your web site and wanted to thank you for putting such beautiful and positive energy out there! I have only just begun reading some of your essays and they really made me think and touched my heart. Thank you and bless you sweet spirit.”
Linda, 50, Chicago, IL

“So, in essence, I am writing to thank you, to commend you, and to compliment you and your writing. You have been an inspiration to me: in person and on the web. Please keep up the good work.”
Sam Buti, Chicago, IL

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