Spring Sounds Writing Prompts

Here are 10 spring sounds writing prompts you can use to ring in the season with your classroom or your own personal journal. If you enjoyed these prompts, buy the entire collection of 1,000 Writing Prompts for Seasons on Amazon.

911. The springtime morning can be filled with the sounds of birds chirping away. How does hearing a bunch of birds singing make you feel and why? Would you feel differently if they were singing on a weekend or a vacation and why?

912. If you could understand bird language, what do you think the bird songs would mean? What would you talk to the birds about if you could speak bird as well? How would the birds react to a human singing bird songs and why?

913. Often thought of as an unanswerable spring question, if a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Why or why not?

914. What are some other questionable sounds that could occur in a forest without anybody knowing about them? What would it be like to live alone in the middle of the woods and be the only person to hear these sounds? Why?

915. Since spring is a season that can cause allergies, a frequent spring sound is the sound of a sneeze. What is your typical first reaction when you hear a sneeze and why? Do you say or do anything when you hear a sneeze? Why or why not?

916. Many different people have very unique sneezes. Which one of your friends has the loudest and most boisterous sneeze? Would you say that sneeze fits with his or her personality? Why or why not? How would you describe your own sneeze?

917. Some sounds during the spring can be frightening, like the buzzing of a bee or a hive of bees. What are the scariest sounds you can think of that you might hear in nature? How would you react if you heard those sounds and why?

918. While we may be afraid of some insects and animals, often they're the ones who are afraid of us. What are some sounds that humans make that might scare a forest creature? What are some machine sounds that could frighten animals? How might you react to the sounds if you were an animal and why?

919. If you were designing a spring video game, what sounds of the season would you include and why? How realistic do you think you'd be able to make the sounds from the game and why? What would the game be about and why?

920. Who that you know would rather hear the sounds of spring from a video game as opposed to experiencing them in nature and why? Why do you think it's important to go out and experience nature during the spring? What are some of the benefits of the fresh air and the activity?

Written by Bryan Cohen

Bryan Cohen is the author of more than 30 books, many of which focus on creative writing and blasting through that pesky writer's block. His books have sold more than 19,000 copies. You can find him on and Facebook.

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    Written by Bryan Cohen

    Bryan Cohen is the author of more than 30 books, many of which focus on creative writing and blasting through that pesky writer's block. His books have sold more than 20,000 copies. You can find him on and Facebook.
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