Third Grade Writing Prompts #9:
Gizmos and Gadgets

Don't push the red button! This page is a series of 10 free third grade writing prompts about gadgets and gizmos. There are so many ridiculous technological devices in the world and as a generation, many third graders are part of the first to experience them. Instead of playing with these gadgets, allow them to write about the experience to cultivate their imaginations.

You may notice that the numbers on this page do not start at 1 and work their way up. This is because these 10 third grade writing prompts are an excerpt from my book, 500 Writing Prompts for Kids: First Grade through Fifth Grade. If you like these free samples, the full version is available in both digital and paperback form.

Third Grade Writing Prompts #9: Gizmos and Gadgets

291. There are all sorts of wacky devices in the world like iPads, iPods and Kindles. Which is your favorite device and why? Do you have your own copy of that device or do you borrow the one that your parents or friends have?

292. Is there gadget in your life that you couldn’t live without? Perhaps your iPod or your cell phone? What is the gadget and what would it be like if you were not allowed to hold onto it for an entire week?

293. What kinds of gadgets do you think we’ll come up with in the next 20 years? Will we have a robot that makes your bed or a pair of shoes that can exercise for you? Come up with at least five different ideas for future devices. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next great inventor!

294. What gadget do you think is the least useful? This should be a device that you think serves no purpose and that it’s silly for people to buy it. Pick one and write a dialogue between you and a friend who thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

295. Imagine that you have brought four gadgets from the present about 30 years into the past (using your trusty time machine). What do the people of the past think of these amazing devices?

296. What do you think it would be like to be the inventor of one of these gadgets and gizmos that everybody in the world uses? Do you think that you would be rich? Do you think that everybody on the street would recognize you? How would your life be different?

297. Do you think that technology is a generally good thing or that there are some negative points to it as well? List five positive benefits of technology and list five cons of technology. Which side do you think is the winner, the pros or the cons?

298. There are currently robot dogs, robot vacuum cleaners and now even some robots that can talk. Do you think that eventually there will be a robot in every home that will help your family to get things done? Do you think that’s a good idea or a bad idea?

299. Technology and gadgets offer us a lot of shortcuts to things. They make doing the dishes go quicker and they make looking up directions quicker. Are there some things that you wish there weren’t a technology shortcut for? Talk at length about anything you like to do that you’d rather there not be a technological shortcut for.

300. Your favorite gadget, the one you can’t live without has slipped out of your hands and smashed into a million pieces on the sidewalk. What happens next?

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