Writing Prompts for Kids #3: Magic

This is another free preview of the book 500 Writing Prompts for Kids: First Grade through Fifth Grade. These ten free story starters for kids focus on the wonderful world of magic. Harry Potter and similar books have been such a boon to the reading industry, why not use them for writing purposes as well? Whether it be witches and brooms, wands and spells, these prompts have them all. Try a few of them out on your up and coming wizards and muggles! 

Writing Prompts for Kids #3: Magic 

1. You find a magic wand that gives you the power to cast three different spells. What are the spells, what do they do, and how do you use these spells to make your life better?

2. It turns out that you are actually a boy or girl wizard like Harry Potter or Hermione Granger and that you are supposed to go to a magical school for learning spells, potions and defense against the dark arts! How does your life change with this new school and world?

3. While looking through a regular library book, you find a recipe for a potion that turns anyone into a “nice person." When you get back home, you mix together the ingredients and it actually works! What were the ingredients, how do you test the potion out and who do you use the potion on? Once you use it, how does it change your life?

4. Your mom and dad have told you that you can’t go outside and play until you clean your room. You make a wish for someone to help you. All of a sudden, a magic broom comes in and starts sweeping everything up. You make another wish and another broom comes in! How many wishes do you make and what do you get them all to do?

5. There are stories around town about a witch who lives next door to you. You and your friends accidentally hit a ball onto her roof. With your mom in tow, you and your friends knock on the door of the potential witch. What happens next?

6. You have a big crush on someone but they don’t like you back. While searching around in the Internet you find a recipe for a love potion. You make it for your crush and he or she drinks it. Does it work? How do things change between the two of you after using the potion?

7. You have learned a spell that will make you look just like someone else for an entire hour. Who do you pick and what do you do while you are in disguise as this other person?

8. You decide to become an amateur magician, doing tricks like guessing someone’s card and sawing women in half! What are some of the tricks that you do? What happens at your very first magic show?

9. Your parents pick up an antique lamp at a garage sale. You rub the lamp to see if there’s a genie inside … and there is! He wants to grant you and your family three wishes. What wishes do you make and why? How does your life change after they come true?

10. Do you think magic exists? Why or why not? If you do believe in it, where do you think it came from? If you don’t believe in it, go into detail about why you think that it is made up. 

Notes: Since all the members of the family have been so affected by books like Harry Potter, this is a fun assignment to give to your kids to share with their parents and siblings. Giving them all an opportunity to contribute to a writing assignment with these free writing prompts for kids may have the wonderful affect of starting a household writing tradition. At the least, it may simply add a magical moment or two :). 

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Written by Bryan Cohen

Bryan Cohen is the author of more than 30 books, many of which focus on creative writing and blasting through that pesky writer's block. His books have sold more than 20,000 copies. You can find him on and Facebook.
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